EGR Valve Exhaust Gas Recirculation Fits CITROEN FORD PEUGEOT 1.6-2.0L 161859

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Verkoper: start245 (28.896) 100%, Objectlocatie: Riga, Verzending naar: Worldwide, Objectnummer: 162937181888 -->Fitment & DescriptionItem Name: EGR Valve Exhaust Gas RecirculationPart Brand: Magneti MarelliOEM Numbers: 5S6Q9D475AB / 5S6Q9D475AD / 36001412 / 5S6Q9D475AE / 1338675 / 1526689 / 1682737 / 5S6Q9D475AA / 161859 / 1618NR / 5S6Q9D475AC / 1479057 / 11717804950 / 1439414 / Y60520300C / Operating Mode: ElectricNumber of connectors:5Seal: x1 Will this item fit your vehicle? To ensure You order the correct part for your car''s particular make and model, please make sure your old part''s number matches the number(s) stated in our listing!!! If You are not sure about what exactly You need - feel free to contact Us every working day (except on weekend) and get professional assistance within 24 hours - that way You will get the right part and do not need to deal with returns - save your time!Will this item fit your vehicle?Cross Reference And OE number listBrandNumber CITROEN161859 CITROEN1618NR FORD1338675 FORD1439414 FORD1479057 FORD1526689 FORD1682737 FORD5S6Q9D475AA FORD5S6Q9D475AB FORD5S6Q9D475AC FORD5S6Q9D475AD FORD5S6Q9D475AE MAGNETI MARELLI571822112033 MAGNETI MARELLIEV033 MAZDAY60520300C MINI11717804950 PEUGEOT161859 PEUGEOT1618NR VOLVO36001412Fitment Brand Model Type Years CCM KW HP Engine Body CITROENBERLINGO (B9)1.6 HDi 11004-2008 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)MPVCITROENBERLINGO (B9)1.6 HDi 75 16V04-2008 - 156055759HT (DV6BTED4)MPVCITROENBERLINGO (B9)1.6 HDi 9004-2008 - 156066909HX (DV6ATED4)MPVCITROENBERLINGO Box (B9)1.6 HDi 11004-2008 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)BoxCITROENBERLINGO Box (B9)1.6 HDi 7504-2008 - 156055759HT (DV6BUTED4); 9HT (DV6BTED4)BoxCITROENBERLINGO Box (B9)1.6 HDi 90 16V04-2008 - 156066909HX (DV6ATED4); 9HS (DV6TED4BU); 9HX (DV6AUTED4)BoxCITROENBERLINGO Box (M_)1.6 HDI 75 (MB9HW)07-2005 - 12-201115605575DV6B; 9HW (DV6BTED4)BoxCITROENBERLINGO Box (M_)1.6 HDI 90 (MB9HX MC9HX)07-2005 - 12-2011156066909HX (DV6ATED4)BoxCITROENBERLINGO Flatbed / Chassis (B9)1.6 HDi 9004-2008 - 156066909HX (DV6ATED4)Flatbed / ChassisCITROENBERLINGO (MF)1.6 HDI 11008-2005 - 12-20111560801099HZ (DV6TED4)MPVCITROENBERLINGO (MF)1.6 HDI 75 (MF9HW)07-2005 - 12-201115605575DV6B; 9HW (DV6BTED4)MPVCITROENBERLINGO (MF)1.6 HDI 90 (MF9HX)07-2005 - 05-2008156066909HX (DV6ATED4)MPVCITROENC2 (JM_)1.6 HDi09-2005 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)HatchbackCITROENC3 I (FC_)1.6 16V HDi09-2005 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)HatchbackCITROENC3 I (FC_)1.6 16V HDi10-2005 - 156066909HX (DV6ATED4)HatchbackCITROENC3 Picasso1.6 HDi02-2009 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)MPVCITROENC3 Picasso1.6 HDi02-2009 - 156066909HX (DV6ATED4)MPVCITROENC4 Coupe (LA_)1.6 HDi11-2004 - 07-2011156066909HX (DV6ATED4)CoupeCITROENC4 Coupe (LA_)1.6 HDi11-2004 - 07-20111560801099HZ (DV6TED4); 9HY (DV6TED4)CoupeCITROENC4 Grand Picasso I (UA_)1.6 HDi10-2006 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4); 9HY (DV6TED4)MPVCITROENC4 I (LC_)1.6 HDi11-2004 - 07-2011156066909HX (DV6ATED4)HatchbackCITROENC4 I (LC_)1.6 HDi11-2004 - 07-20111560801099HZ (DV6TED4); 9HY (DV6TED4)HatchbackCITROENC4 Picasso I (UD_)1.6 HDi02-2007 - 08-20131560801099HZ (DV6TED4); 9HY (DV6TED4)MPVCITROENC5 II Break (RE_)1.6 HDi (RE8HZB)09-2004 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4); 9HY (DV6TED4)WagonCITROENC5 III Break (TD_)1.6 HDi 11002-2008 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)WagonCITROENC5 III (RD_)1.6 HDi 11002-2008 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)SedanCITROENC5 II (RC_)1.6 HDi (RC8HZB)09-2004 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4); 9HY (DV6TED4)HatchbackCITROENJUMPY1.6 HDi 90 16V01-2007 - 156066909HU (DV6UTED4)MPVCITROENJUMPY Box1.6 HDi 90 16V01-2007 - 156066909HU (DV6UTED4)BoxCITROENXSARA PICASSO (N68)1.6 HDi05-2004 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4); 9HY (DV6TED4)MPVCITROENXSARA PICASSO (N68)1.6 HDi09-2005 - 156066909HX (DV6ATED4)MPVFIATSCUDO (270_, 272_)1.6 D Multijet01-2007 - 156066909HUMPVFIATSCUDO Box (270_, 272_)1.6 D Multijet01-2007 - 156066909HUBoxFIATSCUDO Flatbed / Chassis (270_, 272_)1.6 D Multijet01-2007 - 156066909HUFlatbed / ChassisFORDC-MAX (DM2)1.6 TDCi02-2007 - 09-2010156074101G8DC; MTDAMPVFORDC-MAX (DM2)1.6 TDCi02-2007 - 09-201015606690HHDA; HHDB; GPDAMPVFORDC-MAX (DM2)1.6 TDCi02-2007 - 09-2010156080109G8DA; G8DB; G8DDMPVFORDFIESTA VI1.6 TDCi06-2008 - 15606690HHJD; HHJC; HHJEHatchbackFORDFIESTA VI1.6 TDCi06-2008 - 15605575HHJF; UBJAHatchbackFORDFIESTA VI Van1.6 TDCi01-2009 - 15606690HHJD; HHJC; HHJEBoxFORDFIESTA V (JH_, JD_)1.6 TDCi11-2004 - 06-200815606690HHJA; HHJBHatchbackFORDFOCUS C-MAX1.6 TDCi10-2003 - 03-2007156080109G8DA; G8DBMPVFORDFOCUS C-MAX1.6 TDCi02-2005 - 03-200715606690HHDA; HHDBMPVFORDFOCUS II (DA_)1.6 TDCi07-2004 - 09-2012156074100G8DC; MTDAHatchbackFORDFOCUS II (DA_)1.6 TDCi07-2004 - 09-2012156080109G8DA; G8DB; G8DD; G8DE; G8DFHatchbackFORDFOCUS II (DA_)1.6 TDCi01-2005 - 09-201215606690HHDA; HHDB; GPDA; GPDC; GPDBHatchbackFORDFOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.6 TDCi04-2005 - 09-2012156074100G8DC; MTDASedanFORDFOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.6 TDCi04-2005 - 09-201215606690HHDA; HHDBSedanFORDFOCUS II Saloon (DA_)1.6 TDCi04-2005 - 09-2012156080109G8DA; G8DB; G8DD; G8DE; G8DFSedanFORDFOCUS II Turnier (DA_)1.6 TDCi07-2004 - 09-2012156074100G8DC; MTDAWagonFORDFOCUS II Turnier (DA_)1.6 TDCi07-2004 - 09-2012156080109G8DA; G8DB; G8DD; G8DE; G8DFWagonFORDFOCUS II Turnier (DA_)1.6 TDCi07-2004 - 09-201215606690HHDA; HHDB; GPDA; GPDCWagonFORDFUSION (JU_)1.6 TDCi11-2004 - 12-201215606690HHJA; HHJBWagonMAZDA2 (DE)1.6 MZ-CD06-2011 - 06-201515607095Y661; Y655HatchbackMAZDA3 (BK)1.6 DI Turbo06-2004 - 06-2009156080109Y601HatchbackMAZDA3 (BL)1.6 MZR CD09-2010 - 05-2013156085116Y655; Y650HatchbackMAZDA3 (BL)1.6 MZR CD12-2008 - 05-2013156080109Y601; Y642HatchbackMAZDA3 Saloon (BK)1.6 DI Turbo06-2004 - 06-2009156080109Y601SedanMAZDA3 Saloon (BL)1.6 MZR CD09-2010 - 05-2013156085116Y655; Y650SedanMAZDA3 Saloon (BL)1.6 MZR CD12-2008 - 05-2013156080109Y642SedanMINIMINI CLUBMAN (R55)Cooper D02-2011 - 06-2014199582112N47 C20 AWagonMINIMINI CLUBMAN (R55)Cooper D10-2007 - 02-20101560801099HZ (DV6TED4)WagonMINIMINI CLUBVAN (R55)Cooper D12-2012 - 06-2014159882112N47 C16 ABox Body / WagonMINIMINI (R56)Cooper D02-2011 - 11-2013199582112N47 C20 AHatchbackMINIMINI (R56)Cooper D11-2006 - 09-20101560801099HZ (DV6TED4); W16 D16HatchbackMINIMINI (R56)One D07-2010 - 11-201315986690N47 C16 AHatchbackMINIMINI (R56)One D06-2009 - 07-2010156066909HZ (DV6TED4)HatchbackPEUGEOT1007 (KM_)1.6 HDi06-2007 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)HatchbackPEUGEOT206 CC (2D)1.6 HDi 11004-2005 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)ConvertiblePEUGEOT206 Hatchback (2A/C)1.6 HDi 11005-2004 - 1560801099HY (DV6TED4); 9HZ (DV6TED4)HatchbackPEUGEOT206 SW (2E/K)1.6 HDi 11005-2004 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)WagonPEUGEOT207 CC (WD_)1.6 HDi02-2007 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)ConvertiblePEUGEOT207 SW (WK_)1.6 HDi06-2007 - 156066909HX (DV6ATED4); 9HV (DV6TED4)WagonPEUGEOT207 SW (WK_)1.6 HDi06-2007 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)WagonPEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.6 HDi02-2006 - 156066909HX (DV6ATED4); 9HV (DV6TED4)HatchbackPEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.6 HDi02-2006 - 1560801099HY (DV6TED4); 9HZ (DV6TED4)HatchbackPEUGEOT30081.6 HDi06-2009 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)MPVPEUGEOT307 (3A/C)1.6 HDi04-2005 - 156066909HX (DV6ATED4); 9HV (DV6ATED4); 9HV (DV6TED4)HatchbackPEUGEOT307 (3A/C)1.6 HDi 11002-2004 - 1560801099HY (DV6TED4); 9HZ (DV6TED4)HatchbackPEUGEOT307 Break (3E)1.6 HDi04-2005 - 156066909HV (DV6ATED4)WagonPEUGEOT307 Break (3E)1.6 HDi 11002-2004 - 1560801099HY (DV6TED4); 9HZ (DV6TED4)WagonPEUGEOT307 SW (3H)1.6 HDI 11002-2004 - 1560801099HY (DV6TED4); 9HZ (DV6TED4)WagonPEUGEOT308 (4A_, 4C_)1.6 HDi09-2007 - 156066909HX (DV6ATED4); 9HV (DV6TED4)HatchbackPEUGEOT308 (4A_, 4C_)1.6 HDi09-2007 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)HatchbackPEUGEOT308 SW1.6 HDi09-2007 - 156066909HX (DV6ATED4); 9HV (DV6ATED4)WagonPEUGEOT308 SW1.6 HDi09-2007 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)WagonPEUGEOT407 (6D_)1.6 HDi 11005-2004 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)SedanPEUGEOT407 SW (6E_)1.6 HDi 11005-2004 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)WagonPEUGEOT50081.6 HDi09-2009 - 1560801109HZ (DV6TED4)MPVPEUGEOTEXPERT Box (VF3A_, VF3U_, VF3X_)1.6 HDi 90 16V01-2007 - 156066909HU (DV6UTED4)BoxPEUGEOTEXPERT Flatbed / Chassis1.6 HDi 90 16V01-2007 - 156066909HU (DV6UTED4)Flatbed / ChassisPEUGEOTEXPERT Tepee (VF3V_)1.6 HDi 90 16V01-2007 - 156066909HU (DV6UTED4)MPVPEUGEOTPARTNER Box1.6 HDi04-2008 - 156055759HT (DV6BTED4); 9HW (DV6BTED4)BoxPEUGEOTPARTNER Box1.6 HDi04-2008 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)BoxPEUGEOTPARTNER Box1.6 HDi 16V04-2008 - 156066909HX (DV6ATED4); 9HS (DV6TED4BU); 9HX (DV6AUTED4)BoxPEUGEOTPARTNER Box (5)1.6 HDi 7502-2006 - 07-2008156055759HW (DV6BTED4)BoxPEUGEOTPARTNER Box (5)1.6 HDi 9002-2006 - 12-2015156066909HX (DV6ATED4)BoxPEUGEOTPARTNER Combispace (5F)1.6 HDi 7502-2006 - 12-2013156055759HW (DV6BTED4)MPVPEUGEOTPARTNER Combispace (5F)1.6 HDi 9010-2005 - 12-2015156066909HX (DV6ATED4)MPVPEUGEOTPARTNER Tepee1.6 HDi04-2008 - 156055759HT (DV6BTED4); 9HW (DV6BTED4); 9HN (DV6ETED4)MPVPEUGEOTPARTNER Tepee1.6 HDi04-2008 - 1560801099HZ (DV6TED4)MPVPEUGEOTPARTNER Tepee1.6 HDi 16V04-2008 - 156066909HX (DV6ATED4); 9HV (DV6TED4)MPVSUZUKISX4 (EY, GY)1.6 DDIS (RW 416D)04-2007 - 156066909HXHatchbackVOLVOC301.6 D10-2006 - 12-2012156080109D 4164 THatchbackVOLVOS40 II (MS)1.6 D01-2005 - 12-2012156081110D 4164 TSedanVOLVOS80 II (AS)1.6 D DRIVe01-2010 - 156080109D 4164 TSedanVOLVOV50 (MW)1.6 D01-2005 - 12-2011156081110D 4164 TWagonVOLVOV70 III (BW)1.6 D07-2009 - 12-2011156080109D 4164 TWagonPicturesSHIPPING INFORMATIONWe only ship to the address specified on eBay during the checkout. 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