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Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler VEMO Fits PEUGEOT CITROEN MAZDA Sw 1618.63

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler VEMO Fits PEUGEOT CITROEN MAZDA Sw 1618.63

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler VEMO Fits PEUGEOT CITROEN MAZDA Sw 1618.63

Item Description
Item Name: Cooler exhaust gas recirculationPart Brand: VEMOOEM Numbers: 11 71 7 804 953 / 1 332 087 / 1 473 370 / 1 497 378 / 1618.63 / 31 259 251 / 3M5Q-9F464-BC / 96 46 762 280 / 96 467 622 80 / Y605-20-304 / Y605-20-304A / Y605-20-304BSupplementary Article/Supplementary Info: Without gaskets/sealsCooling Type: Water-cooledNew Part:Remarks: reliable, high-density, and visually appealing welds via a special laser welding process , optimal protection during transport and storage via styrofoam inlays / Products supplied by us are without exception intended for the designated use. Please note that our products are usually delivered without installation instructions. Installation may only be carried out by trained specialist personnel. There is no guarantee for inappropriate, improper or unintended use.
Cross Reference OE number list
  CSV electronic partsCGR5220
  FIAT96 467 622 80
  FORD1 332 087
  FORD1 473 370
  FORD1 497 378
  FORD96 46 762 280
  MINI11 71 7 804 953
  SWAG62 10 1015
  SWAG62 10 1016
  TOPRAN305 144
  VOLVO31 259 251
CITROENBERLINGO (B9)1.6 HDi 1101.6 HDi 75 16V08-08-1.61.6MPV
CITROENBERLINGO Box (B9)1.6 HDi 11008-1.6Box
CITROENC3 I (FC_)1.6 16V HDi05-1.6Hatchback
CITROENC3 Picasso1.6 HDi09-1.6MPV
CITROENC4 Coupe (LA_)1.6 HDi04-111.6Coupe
CITROENC4 I (LC_)1.6 HDi04-111.6Hatchback
CITROENC4 Picasso I MPV (UD_)1.6 HDi07-131.6MPV
CITROENC5 II Break (RE_)1.6 HDi (RE8HZB)04-1.6Wagon
CITROENC5 II (RC_)1.6 HDi (RC8HZB)04-1.6Hatchback
CITROENJUMPY Box1.6 HDi 90 16V07-1.6Box
CITROENXSARA PICASSO (N68)1.6 HDi1.6 HDi04-05-1.61.6MPV
FORDFOCUS II (DA_, HCP)1.6 TDCi1.6 TDCi04-1205-121.61.6Hatchback
FORDFOCUS II Saloon (DB_)1.6 TDCi05-121.6Sedan
MAZDA3 (BK)1.6 DI Turbo1.6 MZ-CD04-0906-091.61.6Hatchback
MAZDA3 (BL)1.6 MZR CD1.6 MZR CD08-1310-131.61.6Hatchback
MAZDA3 Saloon (BK)1.6 DI Turbo04-091.6Sedan
MAZDA3 Saloon (BL)1.6 MZR CD1.6 MZR CD08-1310-131.61.6Sedan
MINIMINI CLUBMAN (R55)Cooper D07-101.6Wagon
MINIMINI (R56)Cooper DOne D06-1009-101.61.6Hatchback
PEUGEOT206 CC (2D)1.6 HDi 11005-1.6Convertible
PEUGEOT206 Hatchback (2A/C)1.6 HDi 11004-1.6Hatchback
PEUGEOT206 SW (2E/K)1.6 HDi 11004-1.6Wagon
PEUGEOT207 CC (WD_)1.6 HDi07-1.6Convertible
PEUGEOT207 SW (WK_)1.6 HDi07-121.6Wagon
PEUGEOT207 (WA_, WC_)1.6 HDi06-1.6Hatchback
PEUGEOT3008 MPV (0U_)1.6 HDi09-1.6MPV
PEUGEOT307 (3A/C)1.6 HDi1.6 HDi 11005-04-1.61.6Hatchback
PEUGEOT307 Break (3E)1.6 HDi1.6 HDi 11005-0804-081.61.6Wagon
PEUGEOT307 SW (3H)1.6 HDI 1101.6 HDI 9004-06-081.61.6Wagon
PEUGEOT308 (4A_, 4C_)1.6 HDi07-1.6Hatchback
PEUGEOT308 SW (4E_, 4H_)1.6 HDi07-1.6Wagon
PEUGEOT407 (6D_)1.6 HDi 11004-1.6Sedan
PEUGEOT407 SW (6E_)1.6 HDi 11004-1.6Wagon
PEUGEOT50081.6 HDi09-1.6MPV
PEUGEOTEXPERT Box (VF3A_, VF3U_, VF3X_)1.6 HDi 90 16V07-1.6Box
PEUGEOTEXPERT Flatbed / Chassis1.6 HDi 90 16V07-1.6Flatbed / Chassis
PEUGEOTEXPERT Tepee (VF3V_)1.6 HDi 90 16V07-1.6MPV
PEUGEOTPARTNER Box1.6 HDi1.6 HDi 16V08-08-1.61.6Box
PEUGEOTPARTNER Box (5)1.6 HDi 9006-151.6Box
PEUGEOTPARTNER Combispace (5F)1.6 HDi 9005-151.6MPV
PEUGEOTPARTNER Flatbed / Chassis1.6 HDi 16V09-1.6Flatbed / Chassis
PEUGEOTPARTNER Tepee1.6 HDi1.6 HDi 16V1.6 HDi 9008-08-10-
VOLVOC30 (533)1.6 D06-121.6Hatchback
VOLVOS40 II (544)1.6 D05-121.6Sedan
VOLVOS80 II (124)1.6 D DRIVe10-111.6Sedan
VOLVOV50 (545)1.6 D05-111.6Wagon
VOLVOV70 III (135)1.6 D09-111.6Wagon

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